"I HATE having my photo taken"

“I hope you’re good at photoshop”

“I may break your camera”

“I hate having my photo taken”

If I had a dollar for everytime someone told me they hate having their photo taken I’d be rich. Honestly this is the most common thing I hear from people when I say I’m a photographer or they come in for a shoot.

I get it, I really do - I also struggle to have my photo taken as it feels weird. Forcing a smile or expression is unnatural and looking at yourself in a photo is even worse, because you are used to looking in a mirror or taking a selfie, which is a reflection of you vs being shown a true depiction of yourself. It can be confronting especially if you have had a bad experience in the past.

The good thing is, I have a skill set that I bring to the shoot. I have a degree in photography and I’ve been actively working and training as a photographer for several years now.  I know how to pose you so you will look the best you have looked in a photograph.

After a shoot with me, my clients usually say something like, “wow that was painless, you made me feel so comfortable”. My clients end up enjoying their experience and (with great surprise) LOVE their images, whether it be a simple headshot or a boudoir portrait.

How can you start to feel comfortable in photos? First thing to do is relax - just breathe.

If it helps, tidy yourself up a bit - wear that favourite top that makes you look great, put a bit of lippy or mascara on and have a once over in a mirror. Other than that, trust your photographer and do what they say - it may seem silly or out of your comfort zone, but we know that in camera it looks AMAZING.

Remember we are both after the same outcome - an amazing photograph of you!

Why is a Professional Headshot important?

In this day and age we are surrounded by images wherever we look. The invention of social media and camera phones have made it very easy and accessible to everyone. We showcase our lives online with photos and videos, we are constantly marketed to with pop-ups and ads that have interesting and engaging imagery. If quality images are such an important aspect in our personal lives and in business, shouldn't it also be essential in our professional lives? Below we discuss the ways a professional headshot can be advantageous to your career.

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